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Siping is located in the central area of Northeast Asia. It is located on the development axis of Northeast China's revitalization of Kazakhstan. It is a bridgehead that opens to the south of the Kazakhstan City Group and a major fulcrum city in the core area of innovation and transformation in central Jilin Province. The city covers an area of 14,700 square kilometers and has a population of 3.41 million, including an urban area of 1480 square kilometers and a population of 720,000. It has jurisdiction over four counties (cities) of Gongzhuling (directly managed by the province), Lishu, Shuangliao and Yitong, two districts of Tiedong and Tiexi, Liaohe Agricultural Reclamation Management Zone, 1 national economic and technological development zone, and 5 provincial levels. economic development Zone. Siping is a heroic city. During the liberation war, it was famous both at home and abroad for the "Four Wars and Four Peaces" campaign. It was hailed as "Oriental Madrid" and was the first stop of the 26th National Red Tourism Route. Siping has the leading agricultural level in the province and is a national key commodity grain base and animal product base. The annual grain output is stable at a relatively high level of 15 billion kilograms, and the country's yield is the highest in the country. Siping has a solid industrial foundation and a complete system. Heat exchangers, special vehicles, auto parts, photovoltaics, beer and other products occupy an important position in the country. Siping has abundant production factors and rich mineral resources, and is one of the cities with the most industrial development conditions in the Northeast urban agglomeration.

Siping is a heroic city. During the liberation war, the "Four Wars and Four Peaces" campaign was famous at home and abroad. Siping was praised by historians as "Oriental Madrid" and was the first stop of the 26th National Red Tourism Route. Siping has been awarded the title of National Sanitary City, National Garden City, National Urban Community Construction Demonstration City, National Double-Support Model City, National Advanced City of Spiritual Civilization, etc. It has been rated as one of the top 20 small and medium-sized cities with the most investment potential in China and the fifth batch of China. Financial ecological city, the first batch of growth entrepreneurial cities in China.

Siping has a long history. The ancestors lived here as far back as the Yin and Zhou dynasties, and the ruins of the ancient city of Yan State on the bank of Erlong Lake, 50 kilometers away from the urban area, were the earliest testimony of the Han people's development of the Northeast. Fuyu, Goguryeo, Khitan, Jurchen, Mongolia, Manchu, and Korean people left cultural monuments such as Liao Dynasty Hanzhou, Jin Dynasty Xinzhou, and Ming Dynasty Yehe Tribe. There are cultural sites in Daqingshan Village, Ye He ancient city ruins, Zhao Su city ruins in the Liao and Golden Ages and many other historic sites. Yehe Manchu Town, 30 kilometers away from the city, is the birthplace of Empress Xiaoci Gao in the Qing Dynasty, and the ancestral home of Empress Cixi and Longyu. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the famous patriotic general, General Iktanga, General Ma Zhanshan, who fired the first shot of the Chinese National War of Resistance, Mr. Du Chongyuan, a famous patriot, and Yu Fengzhi, the wife of General Zhang Xueliang, were all born on this land.

Siping is ecologically livable. Located between 42 ° 31 'to 44 ° 09' north latitude and 123 ° 17 'to 125 ° 49' east longitude, it belongs to the humid temperate monsoon climate zone in the mid-temperate zone, showing a clear continental climate. The four seasons are clear, the climate is pleasant, and the environment is beautiful. Spitting green, flowers blooming in midsummer, all layers of forest in late autumn are dyed, and silver is wrapped in winter. The terrain is high in the southeast and low in the northwest, and the altitude is between 100-500 meters. The remnants of Changbai Mountain in the east have undulating hills and grow lush natural forests. The fertile field in the central part of the country is flat and covers about 79% of the total area. It is suitable for planting. Planting crops; bordering the Kerqin grassland in the west, the horizon is infinite, and the grasslands and wind farms have unlimited scenery. It is rainy in summer, with an average annual rainfall of 578.5 millimeters and a total water resource of 2.399 billion cubic meters. The waters of Erlong Lake are vast, and the storage capacity and water surface are the second largest artificial lakes in Jilin Province. One of the 100 natural forest parks named by the Ministry of Forestry. The annual sunshine hours were 2648.4 hours, the urban air quality reached Grade 3, and the annual excellent days were 293 days. The city's green coverage rate reached 36.3%.

Siping has a unique location. Overlooking an area of 17.28 million square kilometers (land area of over 8 million square kilometers) in Northeast Asia, the center point is Siping, heading south to the Bohai Rim Economic Circle, reaching Russia to the north, touching the Korean Peninsula in the east, and Mongolia in the west. It covers three provinces and autonomous regions: Liaoning, Kyrgyzstan, and Inner Mongolia. Its junction is in Siping. It reaches the three northeastern Heilongjiang, Kyrgyzstan, and Liaoning provinces and eastern Inner Mongolia. It covers an area of 1.24 million square kilometers. Jilin, Heilongjiang, and eastern Inner Mongolia are the closest cities to the coastal ports and the Bohai Rim economic circle, and the only way to go. It is an important transportation hub and logistics node city in the Northeast. Land transportation is in all directions. Siping Railway Station is one of the 18 marshalling stations in the country. Beijing-Kazakhstan, Pingqi and Simei railways intersect in the urban area. The Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway passenger dedicated line was opened to traffic in 2011. Heilongjiang Tongjiang to Hainan Sanya, Daqing to Guangzhou, The Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway and National Provincial Highway run from east to west, north and south, radiating the four northeast provinces (regions) with a short transportation radius and low transportation costs. The modern business and logistics industry is booming. The Siping Northeast Asia Logistics Port project is being stepped up. Siping is 550 kilometers away from Dalian International Shipping Center and only over an hour's drive from Changchun Longjia and Shenyang Taoxian International Airports. Siping's local military-civilian dual-use airport is about to open domestic flights.

Siping has a solid industrial foundation. After many years of development, a complete industrial system has been formed with green agricultural fine processing, mechanical processing and manufacturing as the leading industries, energy, metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, medicine, light industry, and electronics as the dominant industries, and high-tech and modern logistics as emerging industries. There are more than 40 industries and more than 250 high-quality products at and above the provincial level. The products occupying an important position in the country are heat exchangers, combine harvesters, special vehicles, wheel loaders, blowers, tungsten and molybdenum products, polycrystalline silicon solar cell, chlor-alkali, glass, cigarettes, beer, etc. Siping's characteristic industries have developed rapidly, forming ten characteristic industrial parks such as walking machinery, heat exchangers, agricultural products and food processing, animal product processing, photovoltaic industry, auto parts, chemicals, building materials, medicine, and modern service industries. Give full play to the advantages of the industry, and vigorously promote the construction of the "four major bases" of modern equipment manufacturing, new energy, pharmaceutical and chemical, and agricultural science and technology demonstration in Jilin Province.

Siping has developed agriculture. The climate and fertile black soil here are suitable for the growth of crops. It is known as one of the three largest grain silos in Northeast China and is a national key commodity grain production base. Located in the world's second largest golden corn belt, grain output has stabilized at a relatively high level of 15 billion kg. Corn, rice, soybeans, peanuts and other advantages are prominent. Siping produces 1/4 of the province's grain with 1/7 of the province's arable land. Its output ranks among the top 10 prefecture-level cities in the country and the number of commodities ranks among the top 5 in the country. , The per capita production of grain, per capita possession of grain, grain yield, and grain commodity rate are among the highest in the country. Pigs, cattle, sheep and poultry account for a quarter of Jilin Province, and it is a national key production base for pigs, cattle, sheep, ducks and white geese. In addition, Siping is also rich in grapes, red fruits, ginseng, velvet antler, beets, mushrooms and wild herbs.

Siping is rich in mineral resources. 54 kinds of minerals have been found and 23 kinds of proven reserves. The world's four famous sand silica sand reserves of 100 million tons are raw materials for the manufacture of high-grade glass; sodium-based bentonite reserves of more than 20 million tons, the quality is comparable to the United States Wyoming bentonite; silver reserves of 1100 tons, the first in Asia; proven geological reserves of oil 5.7 100 billion tons of natural gas; 40 billion cubic meters of natural gas; 31 million tons of lignite resources; huge geothermal reserves and broad development prospects.

Siping has complete production factors. There is a large stock of developable land resources. The new round of the master plan for the city will be expanded from 51.6 square kilometers to 121 square kilometers. The additional land and reserved land can meet the needs of newly launched projects. The price of land is in 41 cities in the northeast. At a low price. Water, electricity, gas and other production factors are abundant. There are 4 major rivers and 16 large and medium-sized reservoirs in the country. The daily water supply capacity of the Erlong Lake Water Diversion Project reaches 200,000 tons. 26 volt lines, 7 substations, 66 66 kV lines, 78 substations, power supply reliability of 99.9%; Siping Thermal Power Plant and Shuangliao Power Plant have a total installed capacity of 3.2 million kilowatts, which can meet urban industrial steam and Heating demand; high degree of natural gas security, sufficient gas sources, natural gas projects can meet the comprehensive utilization of industrial and urban residents' living gas. There are supporting railway transportation facilities. There are 28 special railway lines for industrial enterprises in the urban area, with a total length of nearly 100 kilometers. Strong financial service capabilities, the city has 11 policy banks, joint-stock commercial banks, local banks and other financial institutions 11, 288 branches, large deposits and loans, continuous innovation of financial products and service methods to provide financial support for enterprise development; owns Jilin Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jilin Normal University, Jilin Provincial College of Agricultural Engineering and other 12 independent scientific research institutions, 14 colleges and universities, 27 technical secondary schools, 68 vocational and technical schools, formed a complete system of talent education, training, growth, labor The advantages of resources are obvious. The proportion of skilled technicians is at a high level in Northeast urban agglomerations. There are a large number of high-quality industrial workers to meet the needs of various enterprises.

Siping has continuously strengthened its opening up to the outside world and strengthened economic and technological cooperation between regions. Gathering Hong Kong Yangtze River Group, China Guodian Group, China Haohua Group, Beijing Shougang Group, Beijing Jinyu Group, China Yituo Group and more than 20 domestic and foreign top 500 companies, central enterprises and well-known large groups have entered Siping. In recent years, many countries and regions in Europe, Asia, and other countries have conducted various friendly exchanges with Siping. Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan compatriots have also come to Ping'an for tourism and investment. Siping City has established links with more than 100 countries, and has become sister cities with Russia's Baishan City, Japan's Suzaka City, and USA's Wausau City.

In 2015, Siping took advantage of the "five advantages", promoted the "five measures", accelerated the "five major developments", and implemented the "one nuclear, three belts" strategy of enriching the people first, tackled difficulties, united and forged ahead, and the city's economy and society maintained stable and healthy development. . Regional GDP reached 126.62 billion yuan, an increase of 6.4% on a comparable basis; general public budget revenue increased by 7.7%, ranking first in the province; investment in fixed assets increased by 15%, value added of industrial enterprises above designated size increased by 6.7%, and retail sales of consumer goods The total increase was 9.5%, and the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents increased by 6.5% and 7%, respectively.

Siping is taking advantage of unique resource conditions, location advantages, and industrial foundations in accordance with the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, adheres to the "five major developments" concept, and actively adapts to the new economic development with huge development potential, vigorous innovation vitality, and unlimited entrepreneurial business opportunities. The normal state, with innovation and transformation and structural adjustment as the main line, in-depth implementation of the "one nuclear, three belts" strategy of enriching the people, adhering to the "five-way breakthrough" of industrial leap, urban-rural coordination, open integration, ecological civilization, and people's livelihood improvement, and promoting the establishment of agricultural cities and industries The “five-city linkage” of the strong city, the business tourism city, the ecological education city, and the cultural city will enhance industrial competitiveness, urban carrying capacity, and social influence, ensure that a well-off society is fully built on schedule, and build a “beautiful Siping and happy homeland”.

  • 美丽四平 幸福家园 Develop Siping beautiful Siping happy home
    Promote the joint creation of the five cities in our city
  • 认真解决“民生问题” People's livelihood Siping earnestly solves "people's livelihood problems"
    Promote the construction of a harmonious society
  • 四平居东北交通中心,公铁交通十分发达 Changping Siping Siping resides in the northeast transportation center, and the railway transportation is very developed
  • 四平生态旅游为您提供良好的休闲度假、养生保健、生态观光、绿色餐饮、民俗风情等旅游活动场所。 Ecological Siping Siping ecological tourism provides you with good leisure activities, health care, ecological sightseeing, green dining, folk customs and other tourist activities.
  • 历史上的夫余、高句丽、契丹、女真、蒙古、满族、朝鲜族都在这里生活过。 Fuyu, Goguryeo, Khitan, Jurchen, Mongolian, Manchu and Korean people have lived here in the history of folk customs Siping .
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