2019-01-18 10:16:00 People's Government of Siping City 2019-01-18 10:16:00

government working report

The eighth session of Siping City on January 16, 2019

At the Fourth Meeting of the People's Congress

Mayor of the Municipal People's Government

Distinguished delegates:

Now, on behalf of the People's Government of Siping City, I report on the work to the General Assembly, please consider it, and ask the members of the CPPCC for their opinions.

I. Review of work in the past year

2018 is an extraordinary year in Siping's development. Facing various unpredictable and rare major challenges and tests, such as the continued economic downturn, the extremely difficult business operations, the overall tightening of financial credit, the plummeting investment in fixed assets, the increased difficulty in resolving debt risks, and the frequent occurrence of various social conflicts Under the strong leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Municipal Party Committee, and under the supervision and support of the Municipal People's Congress and the CPPCC, we should closely unite and rely on the people of the city to adjust the work deployment in a timely manner, and take a series of measures to stabilize growth, promote reform, Restructuring, benefiting the people's livelihood, and preventing risks have achieved some results in difficulties.

——The city's economy runs smoothly. It is expected that the city's regional GDP will increase by 4.5% , the total industrial output value and added value will increase by 10.3% and 5.8% respectively , and the city and urban areas' caliber fiscal revenue will increase by 7.2% and 3.2% respectively according to comparable calibers . The per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents increased by 6.5% . The proportion of investment in industrial projects has increased significantly. A number of major projects such as Junlebao with an annual output of 40,000 tons of yogurt have been completed and put into operation. Major projects such as the complete set of corn deep processing industrial park have been successfully signed. Three industrial protection policies were introduced to promote the effective release of production capacity of 100 key enterprises including Juyuan Heat Exchanger, and the output of second-class cigarettes at Siping Cigarette Factory increased by 23,000 boxes. Implemented a system of leadership underwriting and departmental joint operation, cleared 400 million yuan in arrears of corporate funds, modern steel company restructuring progressed smoothly, 10 "dual-stop" companies restarted production, 99 companies left over from historical issues were resolved, and the main business income of the private economy Up 7% .

——The industrial structure continues to adjust. Implement the "three go, one drop, one supplement" task, dissolve 1.04 million square meters of commercial housing inventory, remove 4.9 million tons of corn inventory, and reduce or reduce corporate taxes and fees by 150 million yuan. Three projects including Shuangliao Haohua with an annual output of 200,000 tons of ion membrane caustic soda were included in the national industrial enterprise's technical transformation plan, and the product quality and intelligence of key enterprises such as Jichun Pharmaceutical and Esque continued to improve. Nine new high-tech enterprises and five “little giant” enterprises were newly added. 6.7 million mu of grain production functional zones and important agricultural product protection zones were designated, the proportion of large-scale operation of land reached 60% , the order of agricultural area reached 35% , the area of new shed film was 33,900 mu, and 50 mechanized demonstration zones were built. Pear trees , Yitong and Shuangliao also became "the third batch of demonstration counties in the country to basically realize the full mechanization of major crop production." A number of service industry projects such as Wanbang Agricultural Wholesale Market have been completed and put into operation. Jialebao and Alibaba successfully signed a contract, and 700 e-commerce companies have exceeded 700 . There were 8 new cultural tourism projects worth more than 100 million yuan, and the number of tourists in the year exceeded 5 million, an increase of 20.4% .

——The reform and opening up were further advanced. The "only one run" reform announced 2781 items, accounting for 95.3% . The approval time for general enterprises is reduced to 3 days, which is 5.5 days shorter than required by the State Council. The issuance of rural land rights confirmation is basically completed, and the reform of agricultural reclamation ranks first in the province's comprehensive ranking. Reform of the rural collective property rights system, education and medical care has continued to deepen, and 70 annual reform tasks have been completed. Deepen the Jinhua-Siping counterpart cooperation, the "four square meters, fragrant bacon" promotion activities were successfully held, Yongkang Hardware Direct Sales Center, Nongfa Group's annual collection and storage of 100,000 tons of trade grain and other projects have successively landed.

-The ecological environment has improved significantly. Initiated a general attack on the chronic pollution of river pollution in the region that has accumulated for decades, and started 36 treatment projects. West Lake wetland and small and medium river treatment projects are basically completed. Guojiadian and other five -node town sewage treatment plants have completed periodic acceptance. The municipal sewage treatment plant's second phase has been operating steadily, and the black and odorous water bodies in the South and North Rivers have eliminated 80% of the black odorous water bodies. Implement the "Liver Length System" and "Lake Length System", carry out "Returning Cultivated Land to Rivers" and "Clear River Actions", transfer 12,200 hectares of land in the river protection zone, clear river waste and livestock and poultry manure of 15,200,000 cubic meters, and close relocation farms119 Households, handled 39 cases of illegal sand mining, and the water quality of the three sections met the national assessment requirements. All residents in the first-level protection zone of the water source area were relocated, and 21,000 meters of water source fence was installed. The conversion of farmland to forests has been effectively consolidated, and the "four sides" tree planting has begun in full swing. Straw incineration was effectively controlled, all outdoor barbecues were banned, and air quality was improved. The protection of black land has been implemented intensively. Significant progress has been made in the treatment of 2.3 million tons of stale garbage in urban areas. The coverage rate of village-level domestic waste treatment mechanisms has reached 80.9% . Settled 1,189 cases assigned by central environmental protection inspectors and provincial environmental protection inspectors.

-The well-being of people's livelihood is increasing day by day. The people's livelihood project has been advanced steadily, and 16 high-standard kindergartens and 15 self-provided water source communities have been basically completed. "Through Siping" environmental improvement activities were carried out intensively, 20,000 square meters of illegal construction were demolished, and 1,770 "urban diseases" of various types were resolved, and the level of urban management was further improved. Significant results have been achieved in poverty alleviation. 67 industrial poverty alleviation projects have been implemented, 1616 households have been renovated in dilapidated houses, 8253 poor people have safe drinking water problems, 9092 people have been lifted out of poverty, and 36 poor villages have removed hats. The people's livelihood cause has been implemented steadily. The city has added 36,000 new jobs and 10,000 returnee rural migrant workers, and the urban and rural minimum living standards have been further improved. After-school service problems in urban primary and middle schools were effectively resolved, and the "Angel Action" and "Three Batches" action plans were carried out in depth. The cultural "Six Pavilion" is open to the public for free, and sports events such as the Chinese Eight-Ball International Masters are successfully held. The overall situation of the society is harmonious and stable, and the tasks of maintaining letters and visits to major national meetings have been successfully completed. The number of criminal cases in the city has dropped by 28% , and the number of production safety accidents and deaths have dropped by 13% and 15% , respectively .

Over the past year, we have continuously strengthened the government's own construction, carried out intensive rectification activities of cadres, consciously accepted the legal supervision and work supervision of the National People's Congress, and actively accepted democratic supervision of the CPPCC. We will improve the government budget system, increase audit supervision, and make government affairs and power operations available online. Improve the emergency plan system, and effectively respond to severe weather, group incidents, fire dangers and epidemics, and there have been no major emergencies in the city. National security, national defense mobilization, and civil defense construction have been further strengthened. The good situation of national unity and religious harmony has continued to solidify. Judicial, statistical, overseas Chinese affairs, foreign affairs, radio and television, press and publication, earthquake prevention and mitigation, meteorology, the Red Cross, and charity work have also been strengthened. All achieved new results. Through our unremitting efforts, a number of highlights have been presented throughout the year: First, the “only one run” reform has become a model for the whole province. Successfully created the province's only "non-discrimination general department acceptance" government affairs hall, and innovative measures such as "police mail" and 24-hour self-service have been fully affirmed by the State Council's inspection team and ranked among the best in the province's assessment. Second, the development zone's reforms have released new vitality. Issued the implementation comments on the reform and innovation development of the development zone, clarified the leading industries and key development areas, rationalized the management system of the newly opened zone, 34 areas of social functions were transferred to the red zone and the economic zone, and 435 people were transferred. The main battlefield, focusing on development and fully attracting investment, has initially formed. The third is to effectively solve the "stateless housing" problem. Innovative implementation of measures such as parallel examination and approval, tolerant acceptance, and departmental linkage. 77,000 "stateless houses" entered the real estate registration process or completed registration. This practice was praised by the State Council as a typical experience nationwide. Fourth, the effect of afforestation is remarkable. 520,000 acres of afforestation and greening were carried out throughout the year, of which 9,900 acres were planted in the ecological protection zone of the Liaohe River Basin. Our city was awarded the "National Model Unit for Greening" by the National Greening Commission. Fifth, all illegal mining operations are banned. The closure and banning of 118 mines with incomplete certificates and licenses, and nearly 100 hectares of abandoned green mines, have resolved the disorderly mining disorder that has existed for nearly 50 years. Sixth, air quality has improved significantly. The average annual PM2.5 concentration was 40 micrograms per cubic meter , a year-on-year decrease of 15% , and the number of fine days reached 292 days, an increase of 16 days from last year. Seventh, the advantages of conservation tillage are prominent. Promote protective farming of 2.49 million mu, effectively resist the rare spring drought in history, and win good corn production. The experience and methods are demonstrated and promoted in the province. Eighth, we have achieved positive results in the fight against evil. Thirty- six criminal gangs were killed, 178 cases were cracked, 203 people were dealt with, and 1.35 billion yuan worth of assets were seized, sealed up, and frozen. The police ranked first in the province. Nine is a comprehensive response to the voices of the masses. Through the establishment of mechanisms, feedback, supervision, follow-up, and other measures, 7057 people responded to reasonable questions such as the local leaders ’message board, Mayor's hotline, Siping Post Bar, Siping News“ handy shot ”and letters and visits. The recovery rate reached 95% and won the recognition and approval of the broad masses.

Dear delegates! It is difficult to know what happened. In the past year, it has been difficult for us to achieve these results in the context of various contradictions, multiple challenges coexisting, and various risks overlapping. This is the result of the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the united struggle of the people of the city. Here, on behalf of the municipal government, I would like to present to the deputies of the National People ’s Congress, members of the CPPCC, various democratic parties, industrial and commercial federations, non-partisans, people ’s organizations, and retired veteran comrades. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to the units directly under the Central Government and the friends from all walks of life who participated in and supported the development of Siping.

Fellow deputies, don't forget to be safe and secure. In view of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the symposium on in-depth promotion of Northeast China, and the new expectations and requirements of the people for a better life, we still have many problems and shortcomings. The first is backward thinking. The market consciousness is not strong, the marketization mechanism is lagging behind, and the phenomenon of government covering the world still exists to varying degrees; used to rely on support, investment, and blood transfusion, and there is a strong path dependence; small wealth is safe, stability and fear of change, follow the old and other ideas Serious, the spirit of pioneering and innovative is not strong. Second, the economic foundation is weak. Low economic aggregate, small scale, and poor efficiency; small fiscal plate, low fiscal revenue as a proportion of GDP , and weak self-blood-making function; weak corporate investment willingness, lagging in the cultivation and development of market players; insufficient role of development zones in the development zone There are many shortcomings in the county economy; the pressure on government debt repayment and interest is high, and the task of preventing risks is arduous. Third, there is a long way to go for structural adjustment. The three industrial structures are not balanced, the quality of the first product is not good, the scale of the second industry is small, the level of the third industry is not high, the integration of the first, second and third industries is not enough, and the role of technological innovation in supporting and optimizing the industrial upgrading is not strong; government investment in infrastructure The proportion is too high, and the proportion of investment in industries and tax sources is low. Fourth, the economy has a low degree of outward orientation. The initiative to integrate into the “Belt and Road” and the Northeast Asian economic circle is weak, and the volume of foreign trade is small. The government's opening up of the government, the promotion of departments, the main body of the enterprise, and the participation of society have not yet reached consensus and put into action. Fifth, the business environment is not good. Government efficiency, business efficiency, market efficiency are not high, the rule of law and facilitation are low, and the sense of service is not strong. There are still phenomena such as "rolling shutters", "glass doors", and "revolving doors." The problem of "relationships" has not been fundamentally solved; the development of the private economy is still relatively slow, the number is not enough, the size is not large enough, and the physique is not strong enough. Sixth, there are still many shortcomings in people's livelihood. The "half-later" projects such as underground corridors, cultural stadiums, and broken roads that people are concerned about are in a state of stagnation due to government debt and financial policies; difficult issues such as employment, medical care, real estate, heating, and urban management that the people care about Not completely resolved. Seventh, the style of cadres needs to be changed urgently. The "five disadvantages" problem has not been completely eradicated. Some cadres "cherish their feathers." In order to prevent accidents, they do not want to do, do not want to do, dare not do things. They do not take the initiative and do not take responsibility when they are in trouble. Insufficient energy, etc. In this regard, we will attach great importance to it and resolve it seriously.

2. This year's main goals and priorities

The general idea of government work in 2019 is to hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, fully implement the spirit of the party's 19th National Congress, the 2nd and 3rd Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee, and the Central Economic Work Conference, and conscientiously implement General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s response The spirit of important directives for the revitalization of Northeast China, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the provincial and municipal economic work conferences and the fifth plenary session of the seventh session of the municipal committee, coordinate the overall layout of the "five-in-one", coordinate and advance the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, and achieve the "five adherences" ", Do a good job of the" three major battles ", consolidate the" six stability "work, promote the" five-city linkage "in depth, resolutely win the" four battles "of innovation and transformation, deepening reform, ecological governance, and rural revitalization, and accelerate the construction of a new era "Beautiful Siping and Happy Home" greets the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China with outstanding achievements.

The main expected goals of the city's economic and social development are: regional GDP growth of 5-6% , industrial added value above designated size increased by more than 6% , local fiscal revenues were the same as the previous year, total retail sales of consumer goods increased by about 6% , and unit GDP Energy consumption has reached the provincial standard, and urban and rural residents' income growth has basically kept pace with economic growth.

During the year, we will focus on the following eight tasks.

(1) Make every effort to tackle project construction and actively expand effective investment. Projects are points, industries are lines, and economies are areas. We must firmly grasp the core of project construction. While expanding the total investment, we must continue to optimize the investment structure and lay a solid foundation for Siping's high-quality development. Pay close attention to the construction of major projects. Strengthen the reserve of major projects. Proactively integrate into the province's "one master, six double" industrial layout, based on the city's industrial foundation, resource endowment, and location conditions, speed up the planning of a number of industrial projects with strong driving capacity and large tax contribution, and strive to create agricultural products processing, equipment manufacturing, modernization There are 10 10 billion-scale industries such as logistics, medicine and health, and more than 120 key projects with annual reserves of more than 100 million yuan are planned. Accurately carry out investment promotion. Held Siping Development Conference, carried out the "Seven to Seven Race" activity, implemented business invitation, industrial investment, entrusted investment, and Yemen investment, focusing on promoting BYD new energy special vehicles, Beiqi automobile parts, Shounong agriculture, Huatong meat products Other intent projects were signed, and the funds included in the provincial dispatch system throughout the year increased by more than 12% . Strongly promote the centralized construction of the project. Carry out the "Project Construction Year" activity, establish the "three early" project list and responsibility list, and make every effort to promote the centralized construction of 50 projects such as Zhongcheng's 600,000 tons of fuel ethanol and "4 · 18" , and build new projects with annual construction over 50 million yuan. 130 , including more than 90 million yuan and 10 billion yuan, and annual fixed asset investment increased by 10% . Optimize investment structure. Intensify the planning of industrial projects, strive for national and provincial investment, introduce corporate investment, activate private investment, accelerate the construction of industrial projects such as the quality upgrade of the new Tianlong distillation section, the relocation and transformation of ammonium furan salts of fine chemicals, and ensure the Daqing Luyuan Deer Industrial Park , Yimintang Health Industrial Park, Changchun Institute of Applied Science and Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other projects have been put into operation and achieved results. Throughout the year, we strive to account for more than 70% of investment in industrial and tax sources projects, and account for more than 70% of investment projects in the market. Strengthen factor protection. Establish and improve the project promotion mechanism, speed up the process of key links such as demolition and approval, and provide a good supply of factors such as land and funds. We will make good use of the special bonds of 1.2 billion yuan for land collection and storage, increase land reserve strength, and improve land use efficiency. We will implement a major project guarantee responsibility system, a project service secretary system, establish a work account, implement tracking management, and improve the project approval settlement rate, start-up completion rate, and production efficiency. Intensify the assessment of counties (cities), districts, and development zones, display "transcripts", exclude "red and black lists", and separate "three, six, nine, etc.", and take accountability for weak work and lower rankings.

(2) Speed up industrial upgrading and strive to achieve high-quality development. We will unswervingly promote the transformation mode, adjust the structure, and promote the construction of "digital four levels" to accelerate the formation of an industrial development pattern with multiple points of support, simultaneous development of multiple industries, and multiple development. Further advance supply-side structural reforms. Implement the requirements of "consolidation, enhancement, promotion, and unblocking", increase efforts to break, establish, and reduce, continue to resolve excess capacity, orderly digest real estate inventory, improve financial services to the real economic capacity, reduce corporate production and operation costs, and strengthen the vitality of micro-subjects. Large-scale infrastructure and other areas to make up for shortcomings. Accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing. Implement intelligent manufacturing and "digital + traditional industry" upgrading projects around the four Liaoning and Jisong industrial corridors around Changchun, improve the intelligence, digitalization, and modernization of the "old four" industries of agricultural products processing, equipment manufacturing, basic chemicals, and metallurgical building materials. Develop "new four" industrial clusters of medicine and health, new materials, modern logistics, and green packaging, and promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. Carry out pilots of integration of the two industrialization standards and manufacturing services, focusing on promoting the commercial vehicle intelligent steering column assembly, digital extraction of Chinese medicine and other projects. Make full use of the embroidery efforts to revitalize the stock, continue to do a good job of asking the headquarters to increase production capacity, help enterprises to expand the market to expand production capacity, start "double stop" enterprises to release production capacity, and promote the industry's average production capacity to reach 60% or more. Do a good job in the construction of product sales centers and e-commerce sales platforms, and use the "East Expo", "Canton Fair" and other platforms to help companies explore the market. Promote 10 companies including Jurun Bio and Xuchen Tape to restart production, accelerate the implementation of technological transformation projects such as fine chemicals, Shuangliao Xingyue, and increase industrial investment in technological transformation by more than 10% . Enhance the development of modern service industries. Give full play to Siping's location advantages, use the city's strength to promote the rapid development of logistics industries such as automobiles, building materials, grain, cold chain, and oil storage, accelerate the construction of Wanbang cold chain logistics, Junhui's 400,000 tons of oil storage logistics and other projects, and build a Siping Characteristic modern logistics industry cluster. Accelerate the construction of key service industry projects such as the Eurasian Commerce and Trade Complex, Wanjia Shopping Plaza, and Wuzhong Real Estate City Complex, and promote the upgrading of the traditional commerce and trade format. Attracting joint-stock banks, insurance institutions and securities institutions to the Financial Street, and striving to form a modern financial agglomeration area with point agglomeration, function integration, and multiplier. Vigorously develop e-commerce, deepen cooperation with Alibaba, Jingdong and other well-known e-commerce platforms, and promote online sales of specialty agricultural products. Actively develop red tourism, Manchu cultural characteristic tourism, and ice and snow tourism, explore cooperation with Hengdian Film and Television City, and accelerate the construction of "Manxiang customs · Colorful Yitong" rural complexes, Shuangliao Yimashu Forest Park, and other projects with high standards. The fourth "Manchu Culture Forum" and other activities. Enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities. Deepen substantive cooperation with Zhejiang University, Jilin University, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Opto-Mechanics and other colleges and universities, and improve the market-oriented operation level of technology platforms such as the heat exchanger national inspection center. Guide enterprises to increase investment in research and development, and add 20 "small giant" companies and 10 high-tech companies. Implement the "Ten Thousands of College Students Residency Plan" to make good use of academician workstations and masters and talents, so that more talents can display their talents, create wealth and realize value in Siping.

(3) Do a solid job in the work of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural areas. Vigorously do a good job of the five articles "River Control, Planting Trees, Road Construction, Poverty Alleviation, and Prosperity", study and formulate a special work plan, draw a road map, clarify the construction schedule, and get out of the new rural revitalization road with Siping characteristics. Accelerate the promotion of agricultural upgrading. Establish the "three major systems" of modern agriculture, promote conservation farming technologies, improve comprehensive agricultural production capacity, build 25 new full-scale mechanized demonstration zones, build a concentrated and continuous high-standard farmland of 340,000 acres, and stabilize food production at a staged level of 9 billion kilograms . Develop green agriculture and special agriculture, create a national green food raw material base of 200,000 acres of miscellaneous grains and beans in Shuangliao, and cultivate 30 characteristic industries (villages). Give full play to the role of leading companies such as Xintianlong, Tiancheng Corn, Yitong Wenshi, Shuangliao Muyuan, etc., improve the level of intensive processing of agricultural products, and promote the integration and development of rural production. Accelerate rural progress. Deepen the reform of the rural collective property rights system and explore the establishment of a new mechanism for the operation of a new rural collective economy. Promote the level of rule of law and morality in rural areas, and vigorously cultivate civilized village customs, good family customs, and simple folk customs. Carry out a solid three-year action plan for the improvement of the rural human settlement environment, promote rural sewage treatment, waste separation and treatment, toilet revolution and village appearance improvement projects, and complete the tasks of returning farmland to forest, returning farmland to river, and farmland shelter forest. A total of 502.2 kilometers of old road reconstruction projects for rural highways and 100 kilometers of Tongtun hardened roads will be constructed throughout the year. Speed up the increase of farmers' income. Carry out pilot work of rural joint-stock system to increase farmers' property income. Cultivate new agricultural business entities and new professional farmers, set up Siping Sinochem Modern Agricultural Industry Alliance, and promote the MAP model farm model. The city's proportion of large-scale operations is stable at more than 60% . Promote the economic development model of shed film in the pilot area of Lishu County, and improve the entire industrial chain of processing, refrigeration and sales. The administrative measures for the training of migrant workers to agricultural technicians were promulgated to create a half-hour service circle in rural areas, and 350,000 people were transferred for employment in rural labor. Speed up the development of county economy. Expand county-level administrative authority matters, implement supporting policies, promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas in planning and layout, industrial development, and public services, support localities to tap unique resources, expand advantageous industries, and build a county economic system with competitiveness and support. Accelerate the cultivation of characteristic towns such as Yehe Manchu cultural tourism, Shijiapu smart logistics, Hafu sika deer industry, and lead the rural innovation and development.

(4) Continuously deepen reform and opening up and fully release development vitality. This year is the starting year for reform and opening up. According to General Secretary Xi Jinping's "three efforts" and "five benefits" requirements, we must speed up the shortcomings of institutional mechanisms and release the vitality of reform. We will deepen the reform of "decentralization of services". Create a "run once" reform and upgrade version to promote the extension of the reform to the grassroots level. The online operation rate of city and county-level events is not less than 70% , and 100 high-frequency events achieve "run only once". Do a good job in decentralizing and canceling the implementation of provincial governments, and dynamically adjust the city's power list and responsibility list. We will deepen the reform of the commercial affairs system, comprehensively implement the "separation of licenses and licenses", and all law enforcement agencies and law enforcement matters will fall into the scope of "double random and one open". Strengthen the construction of the credit system and create an honest and trustworthy social environment. Accelerate the building of a "digital government", use market resources for investment, use digital resources to expand the market, and coordinate the advancement of "smart public security", "smart healthcare", and "smart cities". Deepen reform in other key areas. Strengthen the connection with the reform of the national and provincial administrative systems, and complete the reform of government institutions with high standards. We will do a solid job in reforming public institutions that undertake administrative functions and strengthen the construction of comprehensive administrative law enforcement teams. Introduce strategic investors to participate in the reform of the Municipal Rural Cooperatives and promote the establishment of Siping Rural Commercial Bank. We will deepen the reform of the medical and health system, implement the services of graded diagnosis and treatment of family doctors, and build a service system for the coordinated development of various medical institutions. We will steadily advance the reform of the admissions system for examinations and strengthen the construction of basic guarantee conditions for comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination. Make overall plans to advance the reform of state-owned forest farms and establish a scientific forest and grass resource management and protection system. Unswervingly support the development of the private economy. Organize the bank-enterprise docking, play the role of "helping the security pool", and alleviate the financing difficulties and expensive financing of enterprises. Implement the upgrade plan for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, and cultivate 100 “transition enterprises” and 100 “small upgrades”. Accelerate the pace of corporate listing and enter 25 provincial-level incubator companies to strive for breakthroughs in the listing of corporate science and technology innovation boards. Carry out practical activities for private enterprises to effectively solve corporate difficulties and problems. Promote the docking of production and demand, the docking of industry and commerce, and the docking of agricultural supervise to help enterprises accelerate their development. Stimulate and promote entrepreneurship and protect the personal safety and property safety of private entrepreneurs. The main business income of the private economy increased by 6% . Deepen development and opening up. Open up large channels, promote the opening of the "Ping-Meng-Europe" special train, develop trade with Russia, Central Asia, and Europe, speed up the construction of Siping inland port and Lingang industrial zone, promote the listing operation of Siping Customs, explore the establishment of bonded areas, and enhance outward-oriented economic level. Promote major collaborations, carry out deepening activities of counterpart cooperation, learn from Jinhua's development model, and use Jinhua's development resources to ensure that the contracted projects of Yiwu Market Group's agricultural products and logistics are implemented; promote the sub-regional cooperation of the “Four Liaoning Rail Link” to make substantial progress, and face Beijing and Tianjin Hebei, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area are all inviting investment and seeking cooperation. Build a large platform, give play to the role of the main position of project development in the development zone, explore the "enclave economy" model, increase investment in infrastructure construction, implement a flexible cadre and personnel compensation system, and stimulate the development zone's vitality.

(5) Continue to fight the "three major offensives" and strive to cross major barriers. Focus on outstanding issues, carry out key battles, and lay a solid foundation for a well-off society. Fight well to prevent and resolve major risks. Fully understand the government debt base, formulate classification plans and response plans, strictly control the growth rate of government investment projects, and do a good job in quantifying debt deposits and incremental control. Actively strive for national and provincial financial support, strive to expand the share of local bond issuance, make good use of national financial credit policies, and rationally adjust the duration of stock financing and variety structure. Accelerate the transformation and operation of financing platforms such as urban investment companies, improve management levels, broaden financing channels, increase operating income, improve debt repayment capabilities, and enhance comprehensive strength. Govern financial chaos, improve prevention and control mechanisms, increase support for maintaining financial claims in accordance with law, promote the restructuring and restructuring of local financial institutions and business transformation, and timely resolve major financial risks. Fight the battle of precision to fight poverty. The central inspection of poverty alleviation through special inspections identified problems as opportunities, adhered to the problem orientation, strengthened capital investment, and increased poverty alleviation in industrial development, culture and education, financial services, and infrastructure. In-depth implementation of the "four batches" of special actions to fundamentally solve the "two cares, three guarantees" problem. Research and implement policies to support the development of "marginal poor households", increase poverty alleviation, and consolidate the effectiveness of poverty alleviation. Throughout the year, 13,396 poverty-stricken people were lifted out of poverty, 35 poor villages were withdrawn, and Shuangliao City ’s designated poverty-stricken counties removed their caps , completing the major tasks of poverty alleviation. Fight the tough battle of pollution prevention. Make every effort to rectify the feedback from the central environmental protection inspectors and provincial environmental protection inspectors, implement in-depth water pollution prevention in the Liaohe River Basin, solidly promote the construction of 61 pollution control projects such as urban drainage pipe networks and riparian protection zones, and continue to promote urban black and odorous water And diesel vehicles. Implement accurate management of key parts such as sewage treatment plants to comprehensively improve pollution control efficiency. The "Three Years of Afforestation and Afforestation" campaign was carried out in depth, tree planting on the "four sides" was implemented, and 500,000 acres of afforestation were planted throughout the year. Consolidate and expand the results of mine renovation, formulate the "Siping City Water Source Area Protection Regulations", scientifically control the village and village domestic garbage and sewage in the protected area, and strictly control the use of fertilizers and pesticides around the protected area. Intensify the efforts to rectify the "scattered pollution" enterprises, promote the ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired power plants, and basically eliminate coal-fired boilers below 10 steam tons in built-up areas at or above the county level by the end of the year. Grasp the ban on burning and comprehensive utilization of straw, and improve the emergency plan for severely polluted weather. The PM2.5 concentration should be controlled within 52 micrograms per cubic meter , and the excellent days throughout the year will strive to reach more than 300 days. Accelerate the construction of black land protection projects, make good use of central financial funds, and complete annual pilot tasks to a high standard. Popularize soil testing formula fertilization, precise fertilization, and high-efficiency fertilizer technologies, expand the area of organic fertilizer and corn stalks to cover the fields, and the comprehensive utilization rate of manure pollution from livestock and poultry farming will reach more than 80%. Strengthen the soil environmental management of hazardous chemical relocation companies, thoroughly solve the problem of stale garbage in urban areas, and improve the harmless treatment capacity of urban and rural domestic waste.

(6) Efforts should be made to strengthen urban construction and carefully build happy homes. Take the creation of a "national civilized city" as the lead, strengthen urban construction and management, and promote the overall improvement of city functions, image, and taste. Scientifically compile development plans. Respect the laws of urban development, change the mode of urban development, improve the level of refined urban management, and vigorously promote "multi-regulation and integration." Adhere to the development of the Four Pears in the same city, optimize the urban-rural spatial pattern and industrial layout, and open up the framework for urban development. Improve urban infrastructure. Seize the great opportunity of the country's new round of infrastructure construction investment, continue to promote the follow-up project of the underground comprehensive corridor and the construction of the military-civilian joint airport. Twelve vertical "urban road backbone networks. Standard and orderly use of the PPP model, focusing on promoting the construction of libraries, grand theaters, museums, skating museums, science and technology museums and other projects to avoid the formation of "half-later" projects. In combination with the construction of the sponge city, 47 kilometers of sewage interceptors in the North and North Rivers will be transformed. Speed up the construction of the road from Sangshutai to Siping of Yasi Highway, Erlong Lake to Yehe of Yema Highway, and improve the urban and rural road network. Vigorously improve the quality of the city. Carry out a one-year special rectification of the land and real estate market, severely crack down on violations of laws and regulations, strengthen supervision of land transfer and real estate development and sales, and create a good real estate market environment. We will continue to consolidate the results of the "stateless housing" renovation and resolutely curb the emergence of new "stateless housing". We will deepen the "travel to Siping" activity, focus on rectifying oil smoke pollution and illegal small advertisements in the catering industry, speed up the solution of overhead cable problems, and crack down on urban ills such as "dirty mess". Developed and implemented the "Siping City Property Service Hierarchical Charges and Standardized Management Regulations", clarified the rights and obligations of property companies and owners, standardized property services and property fee collection, and fundamentally resolved various contradictions and problems between property companies and owners. Summarize and promote the new model of "Huayu Happiness Exchange" community service, and create boutique communities. Create city culture business cards. Systematic mining of the city's historical culture, national culture, red culture and other resources, and strive to create a Siping culture with Siping temperament, personality and style. Through the construction of "Siping New Fashion", "Siping Positive Energy", "Siping Good People" and other carriers, tell the story of Siping well, pass the voice of Siping, and enhance Siping's external image. Carry out the "seven advances in culture" solidly, promote the opera into villages and Peking opera on campus, enrich the supply of public cultural products, support the reform and development of state-owned arts and cultural academies, and guide various cultural resources to extend to the grassroots and open to society. Promote the in-depth integration of culture, tourism, science and technology, accelerate the cultivation of a number of new cultural formats such as new media, cultural creativity, and increase the scale and level of the cultural industry.

(7) Pay more attention to the needs of the people and work hard to improve people's livelihood. Insist that the people's demand side be the supply side of government work, and do more good things that "ground the air", "warm the hearts of the people," and what the people really need. Firmly promote employment and entrepreneurship. Prioritize stable employment, implement a three-year plan for employment and entrepreneurship, strengthen the training of highly skilled personnel, and improve public employment services and the employment promotion system. Establish an entrepreneurial college, give play to the leading role of the entrepreneurial alliance, promote the reform of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, and optimize the employment and entrepreneurship environment. 30,000 new jobs were created in cities and towns, and the registered urban unemployment rate was controlled within 4.5% . Accelerate the development of social undertakings. Strengthen the construction of teachers' morality and style, consolidate the results of after-school service work in primary and secondary schools, and improve the level of education at all levels. Do a good job of welcoming the national health city review work, promote the relocation project of the municipal tuberculosis hospital, prepare for the establishment of the municipal health emergency command center, the municipal disease control center, and the tuberculosis prevention and control center into operation at the end of the year. Make overall plans for "double support", retired soldier placement and respect for women, and child care. Improve social security capabilities. We will implement the policy of universal participation registration and promote full coverage of social insurance. Further improve urban and rural medical insurance policies, implement cooperation between medical insurance and commercial insurance, and continuously improve the level of medical insurance benefits for employees. Continue to improve the urban and rural minimum guarantee standards, carry out the pilot construction of community smart pension platforms, and reach 70% of rural pension service compound coverage. Accelerate the development of charities and public welfare cemeteries and put them into use.

Following the new expectations of the masses and meeting the new demands of the citizens, this year we will continue to do a good job of 10 livelihood matters: First, improve the level of property management services and create 20 happy communities with high standards. The second is to renovate the remaining self-provided water supply districts in the urban area, all to solve the problem of safe drinking water for citizens. The third is to start the construction of a 168 MW hot water boiler, and the heating temperature of more than 80% of residents in the urban area reached above 20 ° C. The fourth is to build 6 street crossing bridges with high standards to ensure the safety and convenience of citizens. Fifth , subsidies for 1,000 public rental houses were issued to reduce the housing burden on low-income families. Sixth, strengthen the construction of research and education camps for elementary and middle school students nationwide, and promote the comprehensive development of young people. The seventh is to complete the standardized construction of 7 community health service centers and improve the capacity of primary medical services. Eighth, transform 200 homes suitable for aging activities for disabled and deaf families to facilitate the home life of the elderly. Nine is to solve the drinking water safety problem of 58,000 rural people, and earnestly increase the people's sense of gain. Ten is to rebuild 24,000 rural toilets and make up for the shortcomings that affect the quality of life of the masses.

(8) Carry out in-depth anti-crime activities and effectively maintain social stability. Promote the construction of safety and the rule of law, properly resolve contradictions and disputes, and ensure the overall political and social harmony and stability in the city. Improve social governance. We will carry out in-depth special campaigns to combat crimes and eliminate evils, and crack down on crimes involving blacks and evils in areas such as land acquisition, house demolition, and letters and visits to maintain stability, so as to ensure that people live and work in peace and social stability. Increase investment in public safety science and technology information, and promote the construction and upgrading of video surveillance sites. Study the "Maple Bridge Experience" and build a multi-faceted mechanism for solving social conflicts and disputes. We will improve the public legal service system, and further promote the implementation of the "Seventh Five-Year Plan" for popularizing the law and the establishment of the "National Model City for Drug Control." Fully implement the party and state ethnic and religious policies. Improve the level of petition work. We will further advance the investigation of petition cases, implement reminder lists and escalation handling systems, and promptly and effectively resolve major difficult petition issues. Highlight the source governance and pre-examination and resolution, give play to the role of grass-roots mediation organizations, improve the network of letters and visits at the city and county level, and consolidate the effectiveness of law-based visits. Improve public safety management. Consolidate the responsibility for production safety, strengthen the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, highlight control, prevention, treatment, management and other links, and resolutely keep to the bottom line that no major accidents will occur. The epidemic prevention and control work shall be carried out in a thorough and meticulous manner, and the public health and infectious disease prevention and control level shall be comprehensively improved. Strengthen food and drug safety supervision, so that the people can eat with confidence and use it safely.

Third, comprehensively strengthen the government's own construction

To complete the work tasks determined throughout the year, the government system must firmly establish "four consciousnesses" and resolutely achieve "two maintenances", and consciously accept the correct leadership of the municipal party committee, the legal supervision of the municipal people's congress, and the democratic supervision of the CPPCC. Forge loyalty in hard work, test the style in execution, embody the role in implementation, and always maintain the integrity in integrity.

(1) Do hard work. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that "great dreams are not waited or shouted, but spelled out and worked out." We must raise the banner of hard work, combine the education activities of “do not forget the original heart, remember the mission”, keep the original heart, realize the original heart, and practice the original heart, and firmly dedicate dedication and hard work on the banner of development; More firmly, starting from the government team itself, standing front, setting an example, and exerting the "head goose" effect, all levels must strive to cultivate a group of hard-working role models and role models like Ding Hua; Pay close attention to this year's "eight key tasks" and "ten livelihood matters", break down tasks into departments, specific projects, implementation of posts, quantification of people, spare no effort, spare no effort, "jump and pick peaches", and strive to achieve Better performance; build a stronger atmosphere of hard work, and implement the "Opinions on Further Encouraging the Large Number of Cadres in the New Era, New Roles and New Actions" to support and strengthen the hard work of the hard-working workers, so that officers can have hope, enthusiasm, and motivation. Be vigorous and resolutely do not let those who do the work lose, and let those who are in charge cry.

(2) Strong enforcement. Implementation is the lifeline of all government work and a decisive factor in testing the effectiveness of government. We must pay attention to the system, guarantee the implementation, improve the government's operating mechanism, revise the "Government Working Rules", establish and improve systems for joint consultations, implementation promotion, information feedback, and third-party consultation and demonstration of major decisions, and strictly review the legitimacy of major administrative decisions. Improve the quality of decision-making and build an efficient government; focus on management, strong execution, and improve the performance evaluation system for posts, qualitatively, quantitatively, and appoint people, to break the "big pot rice", not to "satisfy", and effectively crack the good and bad It's the same as not doing the same thing; grasping openness, promoting implementation, facing the test and facing the problem directly, not evading, and dodging, proactively disclosing major government decision-making matters and the "three public" funds, actively inviting the masses to attend major government meetings, and showing the results "Single", more "task list", so that power runs more confident and sunny.

(3) Grasp implementation. All the government's work must be done carefully and in depth. Speech cannot be flashy, planning cannot be rough and detailed, and work cannot be superficial and not deep. We must hold fast to the “top man” and never tolerate the “puppets in the halls” who occupy seats, top hats, mixed-times, and appearances; lock in the “last mile” and firmly set the standard of people ’s sense of gain. Pay more attention to the grassroots and practical results, resolutely put an end to the situation, and send the policy of benefiting people to the doorsteps of enterprises and people's homes; hold high a "rule of rule", strictly implement the interview accountability mechanism, implement full-track tracking, inspection and supervision, and dare to touch contradictions, Dare to hit harder than it really is, effectively beat down the board of punishment, establish the majesty of discipline, and force the implementation of responsibility with strong accountability.

(4) Keep it clean. Gong Shengming, Lian Shengwei. With the tenacity and perseverance that is always on the road, we must fully implement the requirements of ruling the party strictly, strictly abide by political disciplines and political rules, strictly abide by the spirit of the "Eight Provisions" of the central government, effectively fulfill the "two responsibilities", and comprehensively promote the party style of the government system. Building a clean government and creating a good political ecology; strengthening administration in accordance with the law, building a government ruled by law, and consciously respecting the use of law and law; strengthening audit supervision, auditing in accordance with laws and regulations, and solidly conducting audits on the departure of natural resources assets of leading cadres, realizing cadre integrity and government Honest and clean.

Dear delegates! Mountain darkly, vista. Siping is standing at the important juncture of turning cocoons into butterflies. Let us hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. We will strengthen our confidence and forge ahead in unity, and accelerate the construction of a new era of "beautiful Siping." "Happy Homeland", and work hard for the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China!

name word solution release

1. "Angel Action": Coordinate the use of urban and rural medical care, new rural cooperative medical services, medical assistance and other resources, make every effort to solve the problem of poverty caused by illness and return to poverty due to illness, and continue to improve the medical security level of the poor in urban and rural areas.

2. "Three batches" action: centralized treatment of a large number of serious illnesses, signing a service contract for chronic illnesses, and protecting a batch of serious illnesses.

3. Cultural "Six Museums": Siping Battle Memorial, Library, Museum, Mass Art Museum, Korean Art Museum, Art Museum.

4. "Police and Medical Posts": Interconnecting the traffic police, hospitals, and postal data through the Internet. Relying on a wide range of postal outlets, "one-stop" for traffic management services.

5. "Five disadvantages" problem: the disadvantages of looseness, the disadvantage of avoiding fear of pushing, the disadvantages of floating and floating, the disadvantages of slowness, and the disadvantage of indifference.

6. "Five Adherences": Adhere to the general tone of progress while maintaining stability, adhere to the new development concept, adhere to the promotion of high-quality development, adhere to the main line of structural reforms on the supply side, adhere to deepening market-oriented reforms, and expand high-level opening up.

7. "Six stability": stable employment, stable foreign trade, stable investment, stable finance, stable foreign investment, stable expectations.

8. "Five cities linkage": agricultural city, industrial strong city, business travel city, ecological education city, culture city.

9. "One Master, Six Doubles": " One Master" refers to the "Changchun Economic Circle" in which Jilin, Siping, Liaoyuan, and Songyuan are driven by Changchun as the main area. "Six Doubles" refers to the creation of "Double Corridors" (Changchun Four Liaoning Jisong Industrial Corridor, Changliao Meitong Baidun Medicine and Health Industry Corridor), and "Double Belts" (along the Tumen River and Yalu River Development and Open Economic Belt, along China-Mongolia Russia develops open economic belt), "Double Line" (Changtong Baiyanji Changshu Ice and Snow Ecotourism Great Circle Line, Changsong Dabaitong Changhe Lake Prairie Wetland Tourism Large Circle Line), "Dual Channel" (Changbaitong [Dan] Great Channel, Changjiyu Grand Passage), "Dual Base" (Changchun National Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, Baicheng National High-Capacity and High-Tech Base), and "Dual Synergy" (Changchun Jilin Integrated and Coordinated Development, Changchun Gongzhuling Same-City Development).

10. "Seven to Seven Competitions": Than investment invitation, competition signing landing; Than construction, speeding up the race; Than the completion of the project, the investment of the race is effective; Than innovative measures, the game breaks the bottleneck; Quantity; compare business environment, match service level; plan packaging, match project reserve.

11. MAP: is the abbreviation of "Modern Agricultural Platform" in English, that is, "Modern Agricultural Technology Service Platform".

12. "Three Efforts": Efforts should be made in planning regional reform and development ideas, in solving outstanding contradictions, and in stimulating grassroots reform and innovation.

13. "Five Benefits": Focusing on deepening supply-side structural reforms, helping to accelerate the cultivation of new momentum for economic growth, helping to stimulate the vitality of various market entities, helping to increase the sense of gain among the people, and facilitating transfer protection The enthusiasm of the broad masses of cadres and other people has improved the reform thinking.

14. "Assistance pool": Banking financial institutions with cooperative relationships issue loans to enterprises in key SME pools. On the basis of certain guarantees provided by the enterprise, the enterprise pays a certain percentage of assistance and government-provided risk compensation. The bottom-up fund is a credit business that serves as a means of increasing credit.

15. "Four Liaoning Tietong" sub-regional cooperation: In accordance with the relevant requirements of the State Council, carry out sub-regional economic cooperation between Siping, Liaoyuan, Tieling and Tongliao.

16. "Enclave economy" model: Two independent administrative regions with gaps in economic development break the restrictions of the original administrative divisions, and achieve cross-space administrative management and economic development to achieve a complementary resource and coordinated economic development of the two places. Regional economic cooperation model.

17. "Four batches" of special actions: "Inability to alleviate poverty", the bottom batch, "expenditure reduction" was included in a batch, "key guarantees" were improved, and "poverty alleviation" gradually subsided.

18. "Marginal poor households": those whose per capita net income exceeds the local minimum living standard and failing to meet the minimum living standard, those who are not included in the poverty-stricken households, disabled households, seriously ill households, critically ill households, and living alone who have not been included in the registration and registration of poor households Elderly households and households with no working ability; peasant households with financial difficulties due to illness, schooling, and other large expenditures that cause the actual living standard of the households to be close to the poverty-stricken households on file; other peasant households that should be included.

19. "Thirteen horizontal and twelve vertical": 13 trunk roads from east to west and 12 trunk roads from north to south.

20. "Seven Cultural Advances": into communities, into squares, into villages, into enterprises, into campuses, into institutions, into military camps.

21. "Fengqiao Experience": In the early 1960s , the basic social governance experience created by the cadres and the masses in Fengqiao Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, can be summarized as "mobilizing and relying on the masses, persisting in contradictions and not handing in, solving them on the spot, and realizing them. There are few arrests and good law and order. "

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